Two university projects in Dalian are selected as national key projects

On June 5, the Ministry of Science and Technology once again announced the list of intended nine key fields with 264 projects included focusing on advanced rail transportation, new energy vehicles, etc. with a total funding of 5.54 billion yuan. The leading units are mainly major universities and research institutes. Two projects in Dalian are selected into the list with one from Dalian University of Technology and one from Dalian Ocean University.

The Technological Study on Industrialization of Special High-Performance Engineering Plastics led by Zhang Shouhai from Dalian University of Technology is selected as technology upgrading and industrialization of key basic materials, and the LED Technology Research and Development and Application Demonstration led by Liu Ying from Dalian Ocean University is selected into the special project of strategic advanced electronic materials.

Up to now, 40 of the 42 key special projects including 1163 technology projects have been publicized with a total fund of more than 21.5 billion yuan.