Dalian propagation and releasing of marine organism achieve plentiful ecological and economic benefits

Dalian Province Ocean and Fisheries Bureau publishes the news that in 2017Dalian will invest 50 million yuan to put 3.128 billion sea creatures into the shore of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, including fenneropenaeus chinensis, penaeus japonicas, portunus trituberculatus and paralichthy solivaceus. The research shows that Dalian propagation and releasing of marine organism has achieved plentiful ecological and economic benefits in recent years.

The sea area of Lashushan Village, Qidingshan Street, Jinpu New District, is very close to propagation and releasing area of marine organism at Jinzhou New District, which is one of the areas benefiting from marine propagation and releasing. Wang Jihong, villager of Lashushan Village, who has been a fisherman for 30 years, told the reporter: “the fishing amount of prawn and flying crab is pretty good, especially the prawn, which could not be seen a few years ago. In the last two years, a 12-horsepowerfishing boat could catch 2 or 3 jin fish of single tide. Thanks to propagation and releasing, 4 or 5 jin fish can be caught in these years.”

The overfishing of offshore fisheries resources is common in China, which leads to traditional economic species’ failure in forming catching season in the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. Since 1980s, the recession of prawn resource has become worse. In 2004, fenneropenaeus chinensis was nearly extinct. From the year of 2009, Dalian implemented propagation and releasing activities of fenneropenaeus chinensis, penaeus japonicas and portunus trituberculatus, which achieved remarkable effects. The volume of production and the sale points of large prawn and flying crab increased. The average production value of fishers participating in propagation and releasing activities increased tens of thousands of yuan.

In order to verify the effect, the administrative department will organize investigators from 9 districts and counties after the fishing off season of each year, aiming to investigate and conduct biological measurement on the ships participating in propagation and releasing. The department will also select sample ships and give out “fishing log” for follow-up investigation. Liaoning Ocean and Fisheries Science Research Institute will be entrusted to summarize and analyze the data. The specialists from Liaoning Ocean and Fisheries Science Research Institute have studied the effect of propagation and releasing in Dalian for the last decade with mass of authentic data. The Institute releases a detailed and rigorous investigation report every year.

The Statistical Summary Report of 2016 Propagation and Releasing at Offshore in Dalian pointed out that 34.8477 million yuan was invested for propagation and releasing in Dalian. The ultimate production of propagation and releasing reached 4313.03 tons. The total value of output reached 464.1696 million yuan. The input-output ratio was 1 to 14.13. During the 12th Five-Year Plan, the propagation and releasing in Dalian continues to achieve leapfrog development. 14.4 billion offspring seeds have been released in the sea with the investment capital of 0.224 billion yuan. The added output of aquatic products and fishermen’s income have reached 19 thousand ton and 1.62 billion yuan respectively. The input-output ratio has surpassed 1 to 7. Dalian propagation and releasing of marine organism have achieved plentiful ecological and economic benefits. Therefore, this has become an important measure for the marine department to renovate coastal ecology environment, promote fishermen’ income and meet the needs of seafood market.