The output of variegated clam ranked first in China

There are new breakthroughs in Zhuanghe Aquaculture. The output of variegated clam reached 320 thousand tons, with value of 1.6 billion yuan, ranking first in China; sea cucumber reached 16 thousand tons, with value of 2.6 billion yuan, ranking first in Liaoning.
Aquaculture is a traditional agricultural project in Zhuanghe. Zhuanghe municipal government set the aquaculture as the leading position of agricultural economy due to its abundant water resources. Through three specific strategies including sustainable development, rejuvenating the aquaculture through science and technology outgoing drive, Zhuanghe Ocean and Fishery Bureau adjusted and optimized the industrial structure to maintain a good momentum of development. According to the statistics, in 2016, seawater aquaculture area of Zhuanghe covered 60 thousand hectares and seawater aquaculture output reached 490 thousand tons with output value of 6.3 billion yuan. The cultured species are mainly sea cucumber and variegated clam; the freshwater aquaculture area is 814 hectares, and the freshwater aquaculture yield is 1009 tons. The main species are grass carp, desmodema and carp. At present, the national aquaculture demonstration farms have increased to 23, with 6 provincial aquaculture demonstration farms, and 49 municipal aquaculture demonstration farms in Dalian and a total of 78 “third level" aquaculture demonstration farms.