Maritime security management and relevant publication were carried out

To further improve the maintenance of Dalian marine rights and the management of comprehensive fisheries, the sea right office corporated with Dalian Marine Fisheries Bureau, the border detachment of Municipal Public Security and Liaoning Maritime Police to unite a publication group. They, thoroughly committed to the spirit of Dalian Maritime Security Work Conference, carried out the supervision and publication activities in coastal areas of Dalian.
There are more than 3800 fishing boats in Zhuanghe, the largest number in the coastal areas of Dalian. On May 15th, when the supervisory publication group arrived in Zhuanghe, they organized a face-to-face discussion with more than 300 local fishing boat owners, preaching to them on fishing management, fisheries dispute processing and maritime safety management. At the same time, they exchanged ideas and discussed with fishermen concerning the practical problems in the production operation and the existing difficulties, while publicity materials were disseminated. Local fishermen at the scene said: "After the discussion, I improve the legal awareness and understand something that was not understood in the past."  He thought he would never buy unlicensed fishing boats because of the high risk and showed his understanding to one-month-earlier fishing off with consideration of the future generations.
Since May 3, the group has punished unlicensed fishing boats, cracked down illegal fishing and supervised the fishing harbor in the coastal areas. Through face-to-face publicity symposium with the fishermen in areas with tough management tasks, the group has made a thorough research of their production and life, and answer the questions raised by fishermen at the scene. The key members have instructed harm of unlicensed fishing boats and illegal fishing and comprehensive management of fishing from the various perspectives. After listening, the fishermen showed they would strictly abide by the state laws and regulations and never illegally fish.
The supervision and publication activities will continue until the end of May.