Nationwide summer fishing moratorium starts in Dalian, Ningbo and Sanya at the same time

At 11 yesterday morning, the special law enforcement action on summer fishing moratorium was carried out in Dalian, Ningbo and Sanya. At 12, the 2017 marine summer fishing moratorium was officially started with the sailing of law enforcement vessels. Vice Mayor Hao Ming attended the opening ceremony. 

At 12 of May 1, summer fishing moratorium will be started in all sea areas of China. The Ministry of Agriculture and the National Marine Police Administration conducted special law enforcement on summer fishing moratorium in Xiangshan, Dalian and Sanya.

Hao Ming said that the Dalian municipal government will resolutely implement the national policy and provincial requirements for fishing moratorium to promote harmony in the fishing area and build harmonious ocean by watching sea areas within Dalian and prohibiting fishing vessels and fishermen from fishing so as to ensure stable order during summer fishing moratorium.