Dalian aquatic production reaches 0.298 million tons in the first quarter

It’s learned from Dalian Bureau of Ocean and Fishery yesterday that, in the first quarter, Dalian aquatic production reaches 0.298 million tons in the first quarter, an increase of 0.9%, realizing 4.2 billion yuan of output value in fishery, an increase of 7%, increasing by 0.27 billion yuan year on year, and realizing 8.71 billion yuan in ocean and fishery’s total social product,,, increasing by 0.64 billion yuan and accounting for 7.9%. The fishery economy in Dalian presents steady growth with structure constantly optimized. According to the national requirements for fishery resources protection, Dalian has finished 58 thousand tons of marine catches, decreasing 3 thousand tons and accounting for 4.8%, and 0.88 billion yuan of production value with a flat year-on-year growth.

This year, Dalian strictly implemented the management system of the total amount of ocean and fishery resources to lower catching intensity, invested 0.52 billion yuan of financial fund, reduced 1694 marine fishing boats and 60374 kilowatts of marine fishing capacity and strengthened the management of marine fishing boats and the efforts in cracking down on “three-without" boats and forbidden fishing gears, thus reducing 428 boats.

Due efforts have been made to optimize mariculture varieties, promote efficient development of ocean and fishery, strive to develop the ecological aquaculture, boost standardized pond reconstruction of mariculture, expand industrialized aquaculture production, actively develop offshore deep water anti-wave cages, invest 10 million yuan to newly increase 50 cages and 50 million yuan to accelerate the construction of marine farm demonstration areas and newly increase 160 hectares artificial fishing reef. Due efforts have also been made to further optimize aquaculture structure, reduce structural surplus, enlarge the production of marketable and high-quality varieties and promote the quality and efficiency of ocean and fishery. Some varieties are of high production and sales volume influenced by several factors, including export market, thus resulting in benefits multiplication. In the first quarter, main cultured products increased by 23 thousand tons with more than doubled increased output. The production of aquaculture was 0.24 million tons with a 2.4% year-on-year growth of 6 thousand tons. 3.1 billion yuan output value has been achieved with a 9.2% year-on-year growth of 0.26 billion. Seedling cultivation of high value is rapidly increased driven by advantaged fine breeding production demand. The output value of seawater seed rearing achieved 0.22 billion yuan in the first quarter with a 9.9% year-on-year growth of 20 million yuan.

Secondary and tertiary industries should be extended to promote ocean and fishery integrative development. Aquatic products processing industry and fishery brand creation should drive fishery industry to vigorously develop leisure fishery, improve the quality and level of leisure fishery, accelerate transforming traditional fishery by the Internet and artificial intelligence, promote our city’s smart fishery construction, build “digital fishery”, extend industrial chain and move up value chain. In the first quarter, marine fishery industry and circulation service industry achieved 4.51 billion yuan output with a 8.9% year-on-year growth of 0.37 billion yuan.