70% of aquaculture in Dalian has realized non-polluted standardized production

Yesterday, the Municipal Ocean and Fishery Bureau held a working conference on the demonstration base of rejuvenating marine industry with science and technology at Dalian Ocean University. It was reported that the base was approved as National Demonstration Base of Rejuvenating Marine Industry with Science and Technology by the State Oceanic Administration. On the same day, the conference on science and technology achievement promotion and project application training were also organized.



Dalian demonstration base of modern marine biological industry, one of national science and technology industry demonstration bases established at the end of 2012, achieved 255.5 billion yuan by the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan", 84% higher than that of the "11th Five-Year Plan". Besides, the base set up six scientific and technological innovation and service centers, cultivated 25 core enterprises, and realized more than 40 billion yuan, about 20% of Dalian's fishery output.



In 2016, Dalian established such local standard systems and sub-systems for healthy farming, marine ranch, processing and quality and safety of aquatic products, revised 12 fishery standards, and started two municipal demonstration bases for fishery standardization. In addition, Dalian sticks to the construction of pollution-free aquatic products. According to incomplete statistics, Dalian has realized ecological aquaculture in 7.5 million mu of area, got 242 certifications of non-pollution aquatic products and realized non-polluted standardization production in 455.9 mu, 70% of Dalian’s total aquaculture area.



On that day, relevant personnel from Dalian Ocean University, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Polytechnic University and Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, etc. promoted 48 scientific and technological achievements involving marine biological deep processing, mariculture engineering equipment, marine resources and so on.