Changhai County promotes fishery production

In order to implement the Second Plenary Session of the Fifteenth County Party Committee and the government work report of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Seventeen Changhai County People’s Congress, Changhai County fully implements fishery developmental strategy. Changhai County Oceanic and Fishery Administration held special session after the Spring Festival to promote fishery production.



First, fishery production technology and level should be promoted. New technology and new equipment will be researched and developed and new species will be bred to increase science and technology level. The enterprises will be guided to cultivate 3000 mu laver, 3000 units of sea grapes and 3000 units of oyster. 10000 boxes of trepang and 1000 thousand flounder will be also cultivated. The enterprises will be guided to develop and apply ecological catching tools and selective fishing tools. The ecological environmental artificial fish reefs will be built to promote the construction of algal fields. Second, marine management level should be promoted. The works of right verification, renewal, assignment and review should be completed to accelerate the construction of sea monitoring system, fight against illegal activities and increase sea area using fee and regulatory level. Third, safety production should be promoted to prevent illegal fishing events. The high-tech measures of positioning performance of the Beidou satellite, AIS collision preventation and RFID fishing boats electronic identity will be used to strengthen the control of fishing boats, reduce production safety accidents and forbid illegal fishing events. Forth, law enforcement level should be promoted. Collaboration mechanism of law enforcement will be established and the quality of law enforcement will be improved. Specialized campaigns of joint law enforcement will be carried out.