Lushunkou District undertook fishery safety inspection before the Spring Festival

With the Spring Festival around the corner, relevant departments in Lushunkou District undertook safety inspection so as to maintain security and peace during the Spring Festival and NPC and CPPCC.



Lushunkou District undertook fishing port and fishing boat safety inspection, identified hidden danger and rectified the problems one by one. The district Oceanic & Fishery Administration organized law-enforcement staff and people in charge of fishery administration of the residential streets alongside the ocean to take an inspection tour of 11 fishery ports in the district, focusing on the fire supervision and management system, fire precaution measure, the 24-hour watch system, checking whether the fishery port establishes the fire precaution and rescue emergency plan, fire prevention equipment, whether the fishery port has the staff who take charge of the safety issue and whether the ship that harbored in the port has fire prevention equipment, rescue equipment, communication service and signal light. It is forbidden to light up a fire inside a boat to cook or give warmth. During the Spring Festival, it is required to leave the boat as long as it entered the port. The propaganda and education of fishery safety production should also be strengthened so as to make fishery safety widely known.