Dalian Port: the cargo throughput capacity reaches 0.355 billion tons

The year of 2016 witnessed the crucial juncture of the transformation development in Dalian Port. In spite of such unfavorable situation as severe domestic and international macroeconomy and continued downturn hinterland economy, Dalian Port achieved new progress in quality improvement and transformation upgrading. Throughout the whole year of 2016, the cargo throughput capacity reached 0.355 billion tons, with a year-on-year growth of 5.5%. Such main cargo as petroleum products, automobile and ore as well as overseas investment, cruise industry and cross-border e-commerce achieved remarkable growth.



In 2016, the container number in Dalian Port was up to 9.441 million TEU with a year-on-year increase of 1.5%. The sea-rail transportation business growth was still achieved in spite of economic downturn. The Kaluga Train, as the first cross border train for refrigerated transit, was put into operation. Last year, Dalian Port created the whole process cold chain logistics system to construct a cold chain logistics network of “centering on Dalian, circulating around northeast region and covering the whole country”.



Currently, Dalian Port the capacity of fuel oil bonded warehouse has reached 65 thousand cubic meters. The transfer quantity of crude oil maintains the top for ten consecutive months among coastal ports throughout the country.



In 2016, the auto dock transported 570 thousand commercial vehicles, with a year-on-year growth of 18.72%, accounting for 100% market share of commercial vehicle transportation among Liaoning coastal ports.



In 2016, the bulk cargo terminal companies took advantage of railway and waterways transport to create such brands as “Fine grain” and “zero damage”.



In November, 2016, Dalian Port bulk cargo terminal was approved to be the first imported food port, which can shorten the average clearance time within 10 days through “Internet Plus Whole-Process Supervision”.



The year of 2016 also witnessed the flourish of cruise business in Port. On July 20, the large international luxury cruise “Marine Myth” made its maiden voyage, which vigorously promoted the development of cruise industry in northeast China.



In 2016, Dalian Port deepened the supply-side structural reform and achieved improvement in quality and efficiency of transformation. Dalian Port International Cruise Center was established and other measures to upgrade the industrial structure like setting up cross-border e-commerce trading platform were taken, so as to lay a solid foundation for the joint development of port, industry and city.