Dalian Port Group completes the construction plan of big data

In recent days, relying on the current business resource, Dalian Port Group took the lead in completing the top-level design of big data construction plan in traditional port enterprises among all the domestic coastal ports, which provides vital foundation for the overall optimization of port informatization.



Last year, the state issued “Guidelines” of the “13th Five-Year Plan”, noting that efforts should be made to promote the international shipping center construction in Shanghai, Tianjin, Dalian and Xiamen, speed up the development of the port's intelligent level and accelerate the implementation of the new-round northeast old industrial base revitalization strategy. To enhance the intelligent level of port enterprises, big data industry plays a significant role. Thus, Dalian Port Group made joint efforts with IT enterprises and other experts to explore the innovative application space of data value focusing on such problems as service innovation, intelligent decision support and real-time risk control. After over ten times of special research and program adjustment, the plan Top-Level Design of Big Data in Dalian Port was issued in the mid-December, 2016.



Top-Level Design of Big Data in Dalian explains the reasons for exploring big data from such perspectives as resolving the existing business and management difficulties, exploring new business opportunities and supporting new business models and raising six key tasks concerning standard, platform, data, application, management and safety, which is conductive to giving full play to the role of information in supporting core business, optimizing resource allocation, innovating business model and establishing intelligent port.



In the future, the data construction in the group will be based on Top-Level Design of Big Data in Dalian to improve the data government and construction and achieve an intelligent port with rich resources, clear industry and powerful information capability.