Lushunkou District highlights both production safety and product quality in fishery

Lushunkou District sticks to combining safety education, daily supervision with special rectification and the production safety with product quality so as to promote safe production of fishery.



Lushunkou District carried out a special inspection on fishery production, regulated the order of fishery production and timely identified safety hazards in production. This year, 151 hidden dangers in fishing boats were inspected, over 500 illegal cases were investigated and treated and more than 50,000 yuan was fined. The special rectification on the licenses of ships was conducted. Security management system such as warning ships to be back under strong wind and group production was applied. The satellite monitoring platform was established to comprehensively monitor ships within sea areas. Law enforcement officers of the marine fishery went to Shandong, Changhai, Changxing Island and so on many times to inspect over 120 ships. All these measures have strengthened early warning in fire prevention, anti-freeze and anti-storm. Nearly 20,000 pieces of messages have been released this year.



Lushunkou District further strengthens management on fruit quality, conducts fruit quality publicity and training within the district, and conducts regular inspection on fruit quality. This year, 15 types totaling 226 samples were inspected with the acceptability reaching 100 percent.