The 2016 training conference on fishery statistics was held by Marine Fisheries Service of Changhai County

On December 6, the training conference on fishery statistics was held in the meeting room on the fourth floor in the Marine Fisheries Service of Changhai County to further standardize the work of fishery statistics of the whole county, and complete the annual report of fishery statistics in 2016, analyze the economic operation of the fishery, ensure the preciseness and standardization of fishery statistical work of our county, and exert its important function in economic and social development of fisheries statistics in Changhai. Statistical personnel from five villages and towns participated in the training.



Firstly, the statistical personnel from five villages reported the fishery production in their own country or town, exchanged their experience and problems in their statistics work, and the Marine Fisheries Service analyzed and predict the fishery economic situation of the whole country. After that, the statistical personnel were trained comprehensively and systematically in the making the annual and monthly report. Finally, the attendants discussed and studied the guide plan of fishery production and development of Changhai Country in 2017.


The fishery statistics is one of the most important functions of fishery administration department. The analysis of fishery statistics has direct influence on the knowledge of fishery economic situation of Party committee and governments at all levels and their scientific decisions. The fishery economy accounts for 90% of the whole economy of Changhai Country. It is meaningful to improve the quality of fishery statistic and level of service for the “Two Construction” strategy of our country.



The training improves the professional ability of fishery statistics staff and further ascertains the importance of the fishery statistics work. The true, scientific and rigorous statistical report will provide data guarantee for scientific decisions.