The People 's Congress of Changhai County comes to Shandong to survey fishing production

On November 2, 2016, Yu Jingbo, director of the standing committee of Changhai County, leads the investigation group toShi Island, Shandong Province to surveyfishing production of transferred fishing vessels. Present at the investigation are leaders from the Bureau of Ocean and Fishery, Safety Supervision Bureau, Fishing Supervision Office and so on.



During the inspection, the inspection team visits fishermen, learns about the production situation of fishing ships, publicizes safety laws and regulations to fishermen and organizes a forum on safety of transferred fishing vessels. The meeting reports on this year’s production safety and puts forward strict requirements on fishing safety in winter especially in super-hurricane condition. The inspection team requires that ship owners and captains should fully understand the seriousness, complexity and suddenness of the current situation of safety production and earnestly enhance their sense of responsibility; relevant functional departments should increase efforts in supervision and establish and improve the long-term mechanism for fishery production supervision so as to ensure a safe and stable fishing situation.The inspection team expresses their condolences tocaptains and fishermen and listens to the ship owners and captains’ report on marinesafety production and their suggestions on safety management as well. In addition, they put forward four measures for safe production in winter: to strengthen the awareness of safety production, to strictlystandardizeproduction, to prohibit transboundary fishing, and to implement responsibility for safe production.



The down-to-earth inspection is warmly welcomed by local fishermen. They promise that they will conveythe concerns of the county Party committee and county people's congressto fishermen on the shipping vessels to make them operate abiding by the law.