Construction of Bohai Boulevard Finished inside Ganjingzi District.

Several days ago, after casting the last two box girders at Houyan Flyover, workers finally finished construction of the Ganjingzi portion of Bohai Boulevard (1st phase).

Bohai Boulevard project is one of the important decisions made by Liaoning provincial government and Dalian municipal government to quicken implementation of the strategy to develop the coastal economic belt. It is of great significance to promoting the urbanization drive, strengthening connection of urban area with cities along the Bohai Sea and improving the urban traffic networks in Dalian. It is also of great significance to building Dalian into a Northeast Asian international shipping center as well as a central city along Liaoning Coastal Economic Belt. According to the design, Ganjingzi portion of Bohai Boulevard (1st phase) is a two-way eight-lane urban expressway, which is 7.4 km long and 35 meters in width of roadbed (including 31 meters of road surface), with the maximum vehicle speed of 100 km/h.