Dalian International Auto Exposition was initiated splendidly

On August 19th, Dalian International Auto Exposition 2015(the 20th session) was initiated splendidly at Xinghai Exhibition Center and World Exposition Plaza and would last to August 23, hosted by China International Trade Promoting Committee and its Auto Industry Branch, China Auto Industry Association, China Auto Engineering Association and China Auto Industry Import and Export co., Ltd, and sponsored by Dalian Branch of China International Trade Promoting Committee and Dalian International Chamber of Commerce.

Dalian International Auto Exposition is one that boosts the largest sales, the longest exhibition time and the most autos among all the auto expositions in China, thus becoming the major battlefield for the press conference on new cars, luxury cars from auto manufacturers in Northeast China or even the whole country as well as the primary platform for auto enterprises to expand auto market, promote brand image and improve auto sales. The auto exposition, with over 130 thousand square meters of exhibition area and more than thirteen hundred vehicles on display, has auto brands from 12 countries, such as the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea and etc.