Leaders of Ganjingzi District investigates and guide city creation work in Zhoushuizi street

Liu Caiqin, standing member of the district Party committee and secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection together with leaders of departments of Commission for Discipline Inspection investigated and guided  city creation work in Zhoushuiai street. The leaders listened to reports by Party and government leaders on city creation work and conducted site inspection in open and semi-open communities. Liu Caiqin fully affirmed the practices of Party and government leaders in on-site instruction, passageway and community environment rectification, responsibility specification, and volunteers’ active participation. During the inspection, Liu Caiqin communicated with volunteers and listened to advice and suggestions from masses while encouraging community leaders to make persistent efforts for city creation work.



Liu Caiqin pointed out three points in her remarks. First is to attach great importance to the spirit of speech made at the city creation meeting by Secretary Song Cheng and rectify problems with great efforts. Second is to make overall coordination and ensure the mutual promotion of leadership transition and city creation. Third is to increase publicity and create a favorable environment for city creation.