Ganjingzi District Center for Disease Control finishes work in monitoring and testing public goods in 2017

In accordance with the schedule for annual supervision in public places, Ganjingzi District Center for Disease Control finishes microorganism monitoring and testing for public goods in 2017 within the district.



The inspection monitors the total count of bacteria colonies, coliform group and staphylococcus aureus in  bedding, towels, tea sets, washbasins, foot bathes, seat pads, bath tubs, pedicure tools, scissors, combs, beauty tools, etc. in 118  bathing places, hotels and beauty salons. A total of 448 samples were tested with the pass rate up to 99.11%. The unqualified part results from the exceeding coliform group. 32 samples from 13 bathing places were collected and the acceptability is 100%. 220 samples were collected from 71 beauty salons with a pass rate of 98.64%. 196 samples were collected from 34 hotels with a pass rate of 99.49%.