The construction of Lushun national export demonstration zone for food and agricultural products gains new achievements

Lushunkou District comprehensively consolidates construction achievements of the national export demonstration zone for food and agricultural products, improves the quality of products and enlarges export varieties and quantity of agricultural products, thus making a new breakthrough in the volume of foreign exchange earned by export in the whole district.

Since this year, Lushunkou District economic development of export-oriented agriculture has achieved remarkable effects. The operating level of several leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization has been raised through continuous in-depth construction of the demonstration zone, thus cultivating a batch of international and domestic famous brands, including “Gegeda Egg”, “Hongjia Egg”, “Gaishi Food”, “Haibao Seafood” and “Hailongxian”. At present, the number of enterprises exporting food and agricultural products in the district is more than 40. The production and processing technology and the quality of food and agricultural products have obtained the approval of businessmen at home and abroad. Export varieties are increasing and the international influence is enlarging year by year, thus effectively expanding the markets of Russia, Japan, South Korea, Europe and America, and Southeast Asia. Such agricultural products as apples, pears, flowers of Lushunkou District attracted foreign customers a lot. In April this year, Lushun flower enterprises cultivated a new variety of tetraploid grandiflora phalaenopsis, which was introduced to the International Flower Expo in Gaoyang, South Korea, achieving the first export of flower products. This year, Lushun fruits like apples and pears will gradually replace the supply of Eastern European goods and enter the Russian market. Under the severe situation of foreign trade export, the construction of demonstration zone for food and agricultural products keeps a good momentum of development. Last year, the export volume of food and agricultural products of Lushunkou District was 26.483 thousand tons and the value was nearly 0.13 billion dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 12.3% and 7.2% respectively. The construction of demonstration zone achieves obvious economic, social and ecological effects.