Dalian launches the campaign of “I am committed to and responsible for food safety”

In recent days, Dalian Food and Drug Supervision Administration launched a citywide campaign with the theme of “I am committed to and responsible for food safety”. The campaign will take measures to make food safety commitment by guiding enterprises concerning food production, sales and catering as well as food industry associations so as to enhance awareness of food safety, push forward fine code of conduct, implement subject responsibility and promote the healthy development of food industry.

Dalian Food and Drug Supervision Administration will organize operation subjects of food production and food industry associations to make public commitment to food safety and accept social supervision. The first is to encourage food production enterprises to make public commitment in terms of production package, specifications and publicity boards. The second is to encourage small workshops of food production to put up public commitment at the production sites. The third is to sign relevant commitment letters with food distributors to urge enterprises to operate by law. The fourth is to encourage catering enterprises and industry associations to sign relevant commitment letters.

Currently, Dalian launched a citywide campaign on implementing the subject responsibility of food safety and issued thousands of brochures on food safety so as to urge relevant enterprises to operate by law.


Dalian consumption guidance association, Dalian Marine Fishing Association, Dalian Food Circulation Enterprise Association and so on organized over one hundred enterprises of food production and circulation to launch the campaign of joining the guarantee league of food safety and signing commitment letters.