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Changhai County Market Supervision Administration conducts a special inspection on dairy products

In recent days, Changhai County Market Supervision Administration intensified efforts in a special inspection on dairy products to ensure the market safety.



During the inspection, law enforcement officers went deep into  wholesale markets, rural bazaars, shopping malls and groceries to carry out inspection door to door, including the food circulation permit, business license, operating scope and so on. Besides, powdered infant formula and milk also went through rigorous inspection in package, labels, production date and shelf life, especially the market access of powdered infant formula.



Up to now, 16 wholesale markets and rural markets and 257 dairy product operators have been inspected, with 13 boxes of unqualified dairy products found.



With the approach of the Spring Festival, the Administration will continue to regulate the circulation process of dairy products and market standards, so as to ensure the legal entity qualification. The unqualified products will be strictly forbidden for sales to eliminate the hidden danger of food safety.