Fixed Asset Management Office conducts investigation on the use of chemical production

In order to implement the national spirit of Action Plans on Water Pollution Prevention, accomplish the national and provincial work tasks of investigation on the use of chemical production and better understand the current situation of chemical use, the Fixed Asset Management Office formulated and released the Implementation Plan on the Use and Production of Chemicals in Dalian to carry out a comprehensive survey on nine key industries like petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing. The first was to set up a special work team to formulate a survey plan and ascertain responsibilities. The second was to screen 605 target enterprises according to the chemical production and pollution discharge. The third was to establish a strict data quality control plan in such forms as telephone review and daily data check, conduct on-site inspection on enterprises with data problem and check such documents as corporate environmental impact assessment report and relevant certificates, so as to ensure the completeness, standardization, authenticity and rationality of data.



In the next step, we will enhance the coordination and communication with departments concerning agriculture and supervision and so on, further screen the target enterprises, establish an information database and a long-term mechanism for chemical environmental management and intensify the control and prevention of chemical pollution incidents.