Enhance safety consciousness and strengthen market management in the firework and cracker business

On October 19, the County Administration of Work Safety held a conference on the sales of fireworks and crackers to ensure safety and order during the 2017 Spring Festival. It specifically required every sales outlet to keep enough distance from crowded places such as schools, kindergartens, as well as hospitals. Underqualified products and illegal products will be under strict control from getting into the market. Later, there will also be tests for those sales people in the business, whose score will be a decisive factor for them to get their 2017 retailing license on fireworks and crackers.



During this year, the County Administration of Work Safety has looked through 29 retailers in the business, among which, business licenses of three retailors have been revoked for not conforming to the safety conditions and failing to fix them in time. Next, the administration will further check each and every currently-licensed merchant outlet selling fireworks and crackers to make sure the sales safety in the county.