New change in test on tableware

From October 17 to 19, Changhai County Market Supervision Bureau conducted an inspection on tableware in center area of the town without noticing the sampling units in advance. The inspection team composed of staff from Food Inspection and Testing Center and Dachangshan market supervision station inspected the cleaning, disinfection and use of table wares in catering units such as restaurants within the jurisdiction. The random spot check without prior notice instead of sample-submitting check aims to ensure the authenticity and justice of test.



The inspection, focusing on tableware such as bowls, cups, chopsticks, spoons and dishes provided in restaurants, covers three indicators including sensory index, physical and chemical index and bacterium index. Problems such as incompletely disinfected equipment, no disinfection certificates and imperfect disinfection are found in 18 of the 100 units in this inspection. The units with the problems have been ordered to rectify relevant problems.


Besides, the law enforcement officers also put forward suggestions and requirements for the management of tableware in combination with their reality, urged the operators to increase training on staff and improve the awareness of safety first. The operating units should check the tableware after disinfection, the qualification of sterilization enterprises and test reports. For the disposable tableware, the purchase check system, certificate and note claiming and standing book establishment should be implemented to ensure safety of tableware.



The inspection promotes catering units’ implementation of cleaning and disinfection system, standardizes operating procedures and ensures the normal operation of tableware cleaning equipment, thus effectively preventing the occurrence of diseases caused by unclean tableware and safeguarding the health of people.