Market Supervision Administration of Changhai County conducts special inspection on prepackaged pickles

In order to guarantee food safety within the jurisdiction and standardize the market order of prepackaged pickles, the Market Supervision Administration of Changhai County organized law enforcement officers to conduct special inspection on the operation units of prepackaged pickles in accordance with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration to ensure the food safety.



The pickles containing food additives are mainly consumed by local people and migrant workers. Thus, the inspection focused more on large shopping malls in towns and counties, convenience stores in residential area and seaside farms.



The first measure was to inspect the operators of large shopping malls and supermarkets on business qualification and scopes to strictly crack down on illegal operation. Efforts were also made to inspect the invoice and certificate of pickles stocks, the package and label as well as the legal use of food addictive to ensure a legal and qualified purchasing source. Besides, the Administration inspected the storage situation, regular check of pickles and proper treatment of expired food, so as to find out the unqualified storage places.



The second measure was to enhance publicity. Due efforts were made to introduce common knowledge on identifying shoddy and inferior pickles to the masses and marine workers, aiming to remind consumers that it is healthier to consume less pickles and develop a healthy diet in the long run.



The inspection involved 82 food operating units and 46 pickle operating units, assigned law enforcement officers of 56 person times, issued 17 pieces of Notice on Rectification Order and gave on-site warnings to the units with problems of incomplete ledger records and purchasing documents.