Changhai takes five measures to enhance the supervision on imported food market

With the convenience of logistics, more and more imported food poured into Changhai County in recent years. Changhai County enhanced special inspection on four imported food varieties including edible vegetable oil, liquor, vegetables, fruits and snacks with a focus on such places as large-scale supermarkets and imported food boutiques and storages to enhance the self-discipline of operators and put an end to food safety accidents at source.



The first was to check the certificates of operators. The inspection focused on the business licenses and staff’s health certificates and operators without licenses were ordered to suspend business.



The second was to check the evidentiary materials for imported food quality and the declaration forms for importation.



The third was to check the standing books for purchase and sales. The inspection focused on whether enterprises of imported food established a purchasing registration system and a sales record system.



The fourth was to check the label instructions. The inspection focused on whether the prepackaged food was equipped with Chinese labels and instructions and whether the labels and instructions complied with relevant laws and regulations in China.



The fifth was to check the operation site. The inspection focused on whether the operation site conformed to the requirements of safeguarding food safety, whether the containers, tools and facilities were safe and clean and met the special requirements for temperature and humidity.



The whole inspection went smoothly with one operator that didn’t timely change the address ordered to rectify relevant problems. After the inspection, law enforcement officials interviewed wholesalers and operators to further explain relevant rules on imported food safety and put forward specific requirements for implementation.