Lushunkou District Administration of Work Safety launches a special mission towards fireworks and crackers

Recently, Lushunkou District Administration of Work Safety has worked out a work plan on the special mission towards fireworks and crackers in the district and launched the program afterwards.



The special mission requires to check various items including whether monitoring facilities, warning signs, and nameplates in storage for fireworks and crackers of those wholesale corporations meet certain regulations, whether the responsibility system for production safety and other related regulations and operating procedures are completed and effectively carried out, whether the departments or personnel charging for production safety were set up according to national rules, whether those major in charge and securities acquire necessary knowledge and management ability to run a firework and cracker business with required certificates, whether the storage keepers and guards have been trained and acquired certain certificates, and whether other members in the business have been trained by their own corporations, and when it comes to retailers, whether they have entrusted intermediaries to evaluate their safety status and got the evaluation reports, whether they are equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment and put on noticeable warning signs, whether they own unauthorized storage, have excessive or unlicensed products, or even sell illegal products, whether they illegally sold undocumented products or purchased inferior products directly from factories, and whether they have got all three valid documents including retail license, business license, and training certificate.



Up to now, Lushunkou District Administration of Work Safety, together with Lushunkou District Public Security Sub-bureau, has shut down two related corporations and checked them one by one to make sure the thoroughness of their work.