Market Supervision Bureau of Shahekou District conducts spot check on health food and cosmetics

After completing the investigation work on the production date, promotional packaging and marketing of health food and cosmetics, the Market Supervision Bureau of Shahekou District conducted spot check on health food and cosmetics. The spot check was carried out by the law enforcement officers from the department of health food and cosmetic of the district market supervision administration. After filling in the spot check records, the officers sent the sampling products to Dalian Institute of Drug Control. The spot check targets consisted of the health food functioning as enhancing immunity, relieving fatigue and losing weight and the cosmetic functioning as whitening, sunscreen and hair removal. As for the health food, the check items included pathogenic bacteria, lead, arsenic, mercury and so on. With regard to cosmetics, the items contained lead, mercury, arsenic and so on. The spot check results will be released in the middle of September and the unqualified products will be traced to the source production place by law enforcement officers and be punished according to law.