Market Supervision Administrationof Changxingdao takes three steps to supervise mooncake quality during the Mid-Autumn Day and the National Day

The first is to increase publicity so as to enhance enterprises’ awareness of law. On August 15, heads from 120 food production enterprises and food production and processing workshops gathered to attend the meeting aiming to analyze common problems and mistakes and toexplain the new Food Safety Law, relevant laws and regulations and food manufacturing standards.


The second is to identify hidden dangers and strictly specify responsibilities. Enterprises especially those involved in cake and wine are required to strictly check on the raw materials, food additives and safe production. The focuses are the completion of certificate and ticket for raw material purchasing, the use of non-food raw materials and food additives, standard production, processing and packaging, the implementation of inspection and so on. 



The third is to sample key species.According to the characteristics of food consumption, spot check on grain and oil, rice and meatwas conducted in combinationwith the national and provincial sampling tasks. Cakes, mooncake and wine produced in small workshops were submittedfor inspection to timely discover hidden dangers.