Efforts have been made to promote the efficiency of rapid examination and intensify the food supervision

To timely find out and erase the risk in food safety, since the beginning of the year, the bureau has overcome the actual difficulties such as insufficient personnel and limited equipment, given full play to rapid food examination in the supervision and the reinforcement of the law by using the simple method and exact data to effectively erase all kinds of risks on food safety.

The first method is to promote the construction of the supervision and law reinforcement. The inspection brigade of food and drink industry and Food Inspection Center have been equipped with 6 sets of rapid examination facilities including the vault of major food, rapid food examination tank, rapid detector for medical vestigital in marine products and meat detector so as to undertake rapid food examination in the whole county at any time. The special remediation on the food marker during holidays has been taken as an opportunity to conduct “the five entrances” inspections on food consumed in large quantities during holidays and closely related to the daily life and publicly exhibit the examination result. Examinations have been conducted during secondary school and college entrance examinations to examine the pesticide residue in the vegetable, edible oil, ham sausage, meat and meat product in some restaurants and 66 rapid examinations were done on nitrite, swill-cooked dirty oil, water-injected meat and rngalit.

The second measure is to intensify the supervision on the market and promote the construction of market self-inspection. The bureaus urged the markets and supermarkets to fulfill the first person’s responsibility of food safety, set up rapid inspection room and equipped some medium and supermarket and markets with rapid inspection equipment, spot checked some food on sale and timely announced the result. The market supervision department and police station will crack down on such illegal acts as excessive pesticide residue, veterinary drug residue, illegal additives and other harmful substances I the markets

The third measure is to speed up the construction of inspection institution at the grassroots level. The bureau set up the plan for the rapid inspection at the grassroots level and intensified the cooperation between the department and institution. At least 5 joint rapid inspections on at least two batches should be conducted every month. For food that has been tested positive, control measures must be taken immediately and the food sample should be sent for test at once to figure out the origin of the food. The inspection result will be treated seriously and all the unqualified food will be removed to ensure the food safety for the public.