Changhai County conducts a special inspection on enterprises of ammonia refrigeration

To effectively find out hidden dangers and consolidate the effects of rectifications on enterprises of ammonia refrigeration, from August 9 to 11, the Security Bureau of Changhai County will conduct a special inspection on hidden dangers in enterprises of ammonia refrigeration.


The inspection assigned 90 person-time officials and involved 19 enterprises of ammonia refrigeration with 50 items of hidden dangers found and ordered to be rectified. The inspection focused on whether quick freezers were set in independent workshops and whether effective measures such as physical isolation and water curtain were taken. A host of problems were found after the inspection. Firstly, there were no sirens of ammonia concentration on the top of independent freezers; secondly, independent workshops were not set in independent areas; thirdly, there were no effective isolation measures. Due to the long time and large investment needed to be spent on the pipeline transformation of enterprises of ammonia refrigeration, the Bureau communicated with the enterprises with hidden dangers and ordered them to rectify relevant problems within the time limit.