Jinpu New Area is Underway to A National First-class Investment and Entrepreneurship Development Area

By seizing major development opportunities such as national-level new districts and free trade zones, Jinpu New Area makes every effort to reform of streamline administration and institute decentralization, delegating power and strengthening regulation and optimizing services and to constantly optimize the business environment, aiming to become a national first-class investment and entrepreneurship development zone.


Based on a better business environment with legislation, internationalization and facilitation, the market's vitality in Jinpu New Area is been stimulated. From January to March of this year, the total number of newly added market players in the New Area reached 5,379, accounting for 24.66% of the city's total. Among them, 2566 new enterprises were added, accounting for 30.88%; 2534 domestic enterprises were added, accounting for 30.81%; the number of new foreign enterprises was 32, accounting for 37.65%; and 2813 private business accounts for 20.83%.