Puwan Economic Zone unveils the implementation policy on promoting characteristic towns’ construction

Recently, Puwan Economic Zone issued “the Implementation Policy on Speeding up the Promotion of Characteristic Towns’ Planning and Construction”, initiating the planning and preparation of special towns to further highlight industrial characteristics and elements clustering effect and to establish a number of characteristic towns integrating production, living and ecology.



According to the “Policy”, the characteristic towns’ construction of Puwan Economic Zone will adhere to the basic principles of highlighting characteristic industries, market leading and innovative ideas. The first batch of characteristic towns mainly include: taking artistic glass as characteristic industry to construct a glass town in Paotai Street; taking wood industry as characteristic industry to construct a wood art town in Sanshi Lipu Street; taking Donggou cultural tourism as characteristic industry to construct Manchu custom town in Shihe Street. At present, the first batch of characteristic towns has taken shape. The second batch of reserve characteristic towns include: taking sea salt as characteristic industry to construct a sea salt town in Fu Zhouwan Street; taking food industry clustering as characteristics to construct a food town in Paotai Street; taking the stadium and Dalian City Youth Football Training Base as carrier to construct a football town in inner bay core area.


Each characteristic town will be constructed in accordance with the requirement of economical and intensive development as well as multi-regulation integration, making full use of existing environmental advantages and the stock of resources to rationally plan industry, life, ecology and other spatial layout, with planning area around 3 square kilometers, core area of construction around 1 square kilometers. The District encourages those towns that have resources to establish above 3A scenic spots, and those characteristic towns of tourism industry to establish towns according to the requirements of 4A standard scenic area.



At the same time, the Puwan Economic Zone has also developed a series of policies to increase support for the construction of characteristic towns. Among them, as for the maker space in the characteristic towns, those have been identified as the municipal makerspace, 200,000 yuan will be granted to the space at one time, and for those have been identified as Jinpu New District maker space, 100,000 yuan will be granted to the space at one time. The newly established public science and technology innovation service platform (the legal entity subject to independent registration in industry and commerce) for special service industries in the characteristic town shall be subsidized at 10% of the investment in the platform construction, with a maximum amount not exceeding 2 million yuan.