Lushunkou District Took Serious Measures to Stop Stalks Burning and Improve the Air Quality


In order to improve the air quality, Lushunkou District took many effective and serious measures to prohibit the burning of stalks and achieved great results.


Before the peak period of stalk burning arrived this year, the Office of Leading Group of Stalk Burning Prohibition and Pollution Prevention of Lushunkou District organized member units and 10 streets, and Lushun Development Zone to hold a mobilization meeting of stalk burning prohibition. It further improved the four-level working network (district, street, village (community) and group) of the prevention and control of stalk burning in Lushunkou District and implemented the responsibilities of stalk burning prohibition level by level, forming a working mechanism linking various departments from the top to the bottom. Meanwhile, Lushunkou District also set a informant hotline and receives and handles informing 24/7.