Lushunkou District will Promote the Construction of Key Ecological Afforestation Projects in 2018


Lushunkou District will further promote the protection and construction of ecological environment and carry out beautification and afforestation works. It aims to promote the project of green mountain ecological system in the district by implementing some key projects and realize the transition from "afforestation" to "beautification".


Lushunkou District plans to plant 300,000 new trees and tend 1,000mu of forests in 2018. It will pay attention to both construction and management of the afforestation projects; the afforestation management and protection area of agriculture-related region in the whole district is 2.8 million m2. At present, the District has applied for 14 key projects of afforestation in the city area with a total investment of 50 million Yuan; it aims to plant 170,000 trees and afforest 430mu of lands. Lushunkou District encourages all parties to engage in voluntarily tree planting and it plans to carry out a ten-thousand people tree-planting activity and plant 100,000 trees.