Lushunkou District Fully Implemented the River Chief System to Prevent Water Pollution and Guarantee Water Security


Lushunkou District earnestly implemented the spirit of the Party Central Committee, the Provincial and Municipal Governments of establishing the "River Chief System" and fully promoted the system in the whole district to strengthen the governance and monitoring of the rivers and reservoirs in Lushunkou District; this system aims to protect the water resource, recover the water environment, prevent the water pollution and guarantee the water security.


Since the commencement of the River Chief System in March 2017, Lushunkou District's Party Committee and Government formulated working schemes of implementing the River Chief System and the Reservoir Chief System; they completed the compilation of the River Chief System working schemes for Lushun Development Zone and various streets and realized full coverage of the River Chief System. Lushunkou District established an organizational system of the River Chief System and appointed 210 river chiefs and reservoir chiefs of three levels of district, street and village with the principles of "no repetition or omission, highlight the key area, ensure top-down circulation and easy assessment"; major leaders of various levels serve as the principal river chiefs. Lushunkou District also set up 12 offices of district and street-level river chiefs and reservoir chiefs to promote the organization and coordination of the River Chief System and publish the name lists of rive chiefs and reservoir chiefs of various levels on the government affairs information network.


At the same time, Lushunkou District also placed 150 billboards of the river chiefs and reservoir chiefs along the banks of 63 rivers and 20 reservoirs in the district for the public to monitor.


The establishment of the River Chief and Reservoir Chief Systems promoted and enhanced the management of major rivers and reservoirs in the district; and such systems are playing an increasingly important role in screening potential safety hazard, prohibiting waste discharge into the rivers, protecting ecological environment of the rivers and protecting the safety of the facilities etc.