The Educational Achievements of Sinology of Xigang District are Shown on the National Principals Symposium of Chinese Traditional Culture Education of


Recently, the 11th National Principals Symposium on Chinese Traditional Culture Education of Primary Schools & Teaching Observation Training Session is held in Dalian Library, in which leaders of Education Bureau of Xigang District, primary schools principals, directors and key teachers from across the country, total more than 80 persons, participate.


In the symposium, the traditional culture art performance, named Lingering Charm of Sinology,shown on the opening ceremony of the symposium by the students from more than 8 primary schools of Xigang District, therecitation open class about the Prose To ZHUYuansi taught by the teacher from Datong Primary School, the positive interaction and participation of Narcissus Primary School’s students, and other educational achievements of Sinology of Xigang District, have won the unanimous praise from the participants.


Through this symposium, the rich educational achievements of sinology of Xigang District are shown to the sinology experts and principals across the country, which provides a high-end effective guidance and deep and wide communication to further develop sinology classic education.