Zhuanghe held mobilization against illegal transportation

        On June 5th, Zhuanghe held a mobilization on the comprehensive regulation of unlicensed vehicles and illegal transportation as well as a conference on enforcement training work in the Patrol and Special Police Base of Zhuanghe Public Security Bureau. Zhuanghe’s deputy mayor and chief of Public Security Bureau Li Weiguo attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


        As reported, the focused regulation work will last from June 1st to the end of October. The focused area covers urban area of about 239 km2 and the towns of Dazheng, Qingdui, Xianrendong and so on. This campaign mainly focuses on comprehensive improvement of the electric tricycles, carriages, tricycles, and other illegal on road motor vehicles. At the same time, this campaign carries on a long-term management for the road traffic. Li Guowei emphasized at the meeting that the whole city should keep consistent with Zhuanghe city as well as Zhuanghe government's major decisions ideologically, by organizing elaborately, planning scientifically and cooperating closely to ensure that the overall work advances effectively and achieves the expected effect. The member departments should be in accordance with the requirements for the overall work as well as deployment and take effective measures to implement, including administration according to law and discipline, working strictly in accordance with laws and regulations. Departments have to establish a long-term management mechanism on city's three-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles and sightseeing car while they intensify law enforcement, with an aim to build a smooth, efficient, orderly and convenient new pattern of urban road traffic and urban management.