Sanjianpu cherry wholesale market, Lushunkou district to be launched

        Recently, in order to thoroughly solve the Lushunkou growers’ difficulty in selling fruit, 2015 Lvshun Sanjianpu cherry wholesale market sponsored by the government of Lushunkou District, co-sponsored by the District Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry, undertaken by Dalian Yuqiang Trading Co. Ltd is going to be launched.


        New wholesale market covers an area of more than 20,000 m2. In the near future, it can provide 50 booths to make zero distance docking between fruit growers and fruit wholesalers possible; in the long term, it will have the capacity of 400 booths. Ever since April, Dalian Yuqiang Trading Co. Ltd invested more than seventy thousand yuan in the site reconstruction, including laying cement floor, purchasing steel fruit wholesale studio as well as office equipment. Besides, money was used to carry out the painting transformation both inside and outside of the original old office as well. What is more, Dalian Yuqiang Trading Co. Ltd also invested more than twenty thousand yuan to build a 10-ton cold storage for the fruit temporary procurement and storage cycle.


        After the launch of market, a large number of fruit wholesalers will be attracted there to negotiate. Websites such as Alibaba, JD are also preparing to send workers into the office and carry out online purchasing as well as cooperate with professional operators through Lushun pavilion set by the government in the JD mall and other large online traders to sell Lushun cherries.


       In order to save the logistics cost, more than 10 cherry online traders in Lushunkou will sign shipping agreement with the large logistics enterprises such as Shun Feng Express to ensure the big cherries are shipped to the markets all over the country with both the quality and quantity guaranteed.


        It is said that Sanjianpu cherry wholesale market in Lushun will be open all the year once it comes in to use. In addition to the cherry wholesale, the market will also sell autumn fruits, vegetables, grain and oil in order to set up a clear sales platform for the farmers of entire district as well as to help them increase income to be better off.