Zhuanghe City fully started the “Safety Month” activity

        On June 1st, the open ceremony of Zhuanghe City 2015 “Work Safety Month” was held at Huanghai Square.


        This year is themed as “strengthening safety’s rules and ensuring safety work”, and focused on duty fulfillment, system implementation and issue checking. The one-month activities aim at solving prominent problems and creating favorable atmospheres for safe work. Zhuanghe City Safety Committee Office advocates that the frontline safety supervision staff should fulfill their safety production responsibility and promote safety production management level; offices of streets, villages and towns, as well as relevant departments should be examining potential accidents comprehensively, enhancing self-prevention and controlling ability of enterprises, bearing safety production in mind all the time, and living the motto of “checking leaves no dead end, punishing leaves no further troubles”. Meanwhile, the staff should also insist on the right direction of public opinion, conduct safety production publicity education, exert supervision by public opinion, and create a suitable atmosphere which is of high attention, broad participation and effective supervision for the whole society.