Zhuanghe City held an oath-taking rally on building a National Civilized City in the City Hall

        On May 28th , Zhuanghe held an oath-taking rally on building a National Civilized City in the City Hall. More than 500 people, including city leaders such as Sun Hong, Zhao Yongbo, Jin Xiaoli, Zhao Xingji, He Tong, Yin Guizhen, Li Yibing, Li Yongxiang and Sha Zhihua, the corresponding leader group, all the office staffs, Party and government administrations at all levels of the city, town leaders and the heads of enterprises and institutions, attended the rally. It was chaired by Zhao Yongbo, the city mayor.


        The reason why Zhuanghe city acquired the qualification of participating in this evaluation is that it was awarded as the first batch of nominated civilized city among county-level cities nationwide. It was nominated at the meeting to reward people who volunteered as Leifeng, one of the national spiritual civilization construction meetings on February 28th this year. This oath-taking rally veils the Civilized Construction of Zhuanghe and marks that the spiritual civilization construction of this city enters a new stage.


        At the rally, He Tong, the Deputy Party Secretary of the city, announced Decision on Rewarding Outstanding Units and Individuals in Zhuanghe Spiritual Civilization Construction from 2013 to 2015. According to the decision, 8 outstanding units, 17 excellent organizations, 105 civilized units, 39 civilized communities or villages, 20 civilized buildings and 98 outstanding spiritual civilization construction individuals will be rewarded accordingly. In addition, the mayor signed a responsibility certificate with the organization in charge of this program.


        The City Party Secretary, Sun Hong, delivered a mobilizing speech about the new building work. He pointed out that building a national civilized city was a complicated, arduous and systemic project, which was a drastic result of both deeply implementing “Four Comprehensive” by municipal Party committee and the government and a must choice for the city people to make to pursuit good life. It had a far-reaching significance to the sound and sustainable development of Zhuanghe city.


        Sun Hong stated that, the key to building a national civilized city was to organize and plan delicately, to clear responsibility and to focus on implementation. We must make a thorough job of development as the top priority for building the city and achieve new targets in developing economic strength; put infrastructure construction first and keep improving urban and rural supporting service; protrude innovative social governance and integrated governance between urban and rural areas, channel great energy into improving and ensuring people’s living standard; put spiritual civilization construction in the key position and promote the qualitative transform of the city civilization. 


        Sun Hong demanded that people of this city should brainstorm together, work solidly to lay foundation for the program adamantly; we must work in a practical style and with a persevering attitude to reach all kinds of targets and objectives and give a satisfying answer to all the people in the city with an excellent grade in succeeding building a national civilized city.


        The mayor, Zhao Yongbo, requested people to learn from this conference earnestly and put every objective into practice firmly according to responsibility from several aspects: firstly, intensify the sense of overall situation. Secondly, stimulate the sense of responsibility. Thirdly, increase the sense of pressure in time management. At last, he encouraged people to make full use of this oath-taking rally to further unify their thoughts, to enhance awareness, to clarify tasks and shoulder the responsibility. “In this way, we will do our best to win the battle of ‘building a national civilized city’ with more enthusiasm, more firm resolution, more practical working style and more vigorous action.” he added.