Bureau of Commerce in Lushunkou District organized Peasant Special Cooperative to attend Agricultural Fair

        To accelerate the development of agricultural economic organization such as agricultural enterprises of SCM and Peasant Special Cooperative, Bureau of Commerce of Lushunkou District organized Peasant Special Cooperative to attend the Agricultural Fair in Tunchang, Hainan province, China.


        The theme is “Leisure, Brand, Security and E-commerce”. It aims to  display and trade agricultural products of high quality. Luhusnkou exhibited two special products including mountain forest ginseng from Edible Mushroom Special Cooperative in Shengzhuang and stone ground flour from Huixin Mill.


        Lushunkou Peasant Special Cooperative fully displayed their special agricultural elite products in this fair, through which all the agricultural products can gain access to foreign cooperation and communication. At the same time, by exhibiting reputed agricultural products and other means of agricultural production of good quality nationwide, it will promote the cooperation and communication across provinces and help expand the market of special agricultural products.