Good for my Jinpu!

Jinpu New District enjoys a spate of good news on the first day after the Spring Festival, which marks the early coming of opportunity and development.



The most exhilarating news is that Liaoning Free Trade Zone is expected to hold the opening ceremony after its overall plan is submitted to the State Council. In the overall plan, Liaoning Free Trade Zone covers an area of 120 square meters, among which Shenyang Zone accounts for 30, Dalian 60 and Yingkou 30. Jinpu New District has completed over ten pieces of work concerning the summary of experience policies in Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian, the formulation of FTA policy list and the compilation of legal documents. For the next step, the District will spare no efforts in formulating FTA implementation plan, issue relevant policies, form a favorable work mechanism and attract investment, talents and technology to create a core Free Trade Zone.



Similarly exciting news includes the official issuing of Opinions on Promoting the Construction and Development of Dalian Jinpu New District, aiming to rally the power of the whole province to support Jinpu. So far, five favorable events gather in Jinpu including Liaoning Free Trade Zone, the construction of an open economy new system pilot zone, China (Dalian) comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce, Shenyang Dalian National Innovation Demonstration Zone and implementation opinions on promoting the construction of Jinpu New District issued by Provincial government and Party Committee. Jinpu welcomes new development opportunity and is ready to release its potential.



The good news concerning project construction involves: Dalian Bay cross-sea traffic engineering, Dalian’s new airport, Weiteao Pension Center and so on, which have vital effect on the development of Dalian and even on the northeast region. Relevant departments at municipal levels will enhance macro-guidance to promote the projects, conduct comprehensive supervision with special fund, simplify procedures and ensure the smooth going of projects. The key project Dalian Bay cross-sea traffic engineering with eager anticipation of vast citizens, is expected to finish such work as preliminary design approval and PPP social capital bidding and strives for an early start.



As the saying goes, “it is not the end of Spring Festival until Lantern Festival”. In spite of the festive atmosphere, the New District has endeavored to work on those key projects. On Feb.8, the projects like Dalian international financial center project were launched at development zone. On Feb. 9, the first major project of Puwan Economic Zone Donglin Food Factory was put into operation, adding new vigor to “blue economy”.



According to statistics in January, the New District makes a good start: the number of new market entities reaches 1356, up by 5.45%; the national taxation revenue of development zone was 1.657 billion yuan with a year-on-year growth of 10.22%; the land tax revenue of development zone was 1.045 billion yuan, with an increase of 6.4%.