Dayaowan Customs assisted Intel Project to invest successfully in Dalian

34.98 billion yuan has been investedby the Intel Corporation additionally to upgrade and transform the existing equipment project in Dalian factories and formulate correspondingly the passage measures so as to guarantee the official operation at the end of October. Efforts have been made to effectively examine the accurate equipment, formulate fast operation procedure of “Direct Taking of the Cars and Ships” , thus achieving the direct forwarding to the factories after the unloading of the cargoes and achieving the face-to-face check and examination of the customs staff; efforts will be made to implement convenient pass measures of “collecting separate and reporting concentrated” and deliver bonded goods first and report them to the customs, thus greatly simplifying the work procedures, providing the efficient logistics modes of “transporting by themselves”, formulating the Automatic Transportation Operation Rules of the Bonded Goods between Dalian Export Processing Area B Zone and Dayaowan Bonded Port to increase the efficiency. From January and September, Dayaowan Bonded Port Zone logistics enterprises have classified, dispatched, collected and reported 2819, directly took 192 cars and ships and transported 2866 patches automatically, thus providing 358 sets of equipment for the Intel, shortening over 300 hours of the operation and saving about 700,000 yuan of the freight, which has been highly praised by enterprises.