2015 Patriotic Health Campaign Conference Held in Changhai County


To put into practice the guiding principles from Patriotic Health Campaign Conference in city, state and country, to continue to strengthen the fruits of provincial clean county, to improve quality of county health management and to make the island beautiful as well as habitable, County Patriotic Health Campaign Conference was held in conference room on the fifth floor of county courthouse in May 11th, 2015. Qu Xuebin, the deputy magistrate, and leaders from each town along with other authorities attended this conference.


During the session, Zhang Daomin, the director of Changhai County PHCCO, delivered report on the work of Patriotic Health Campaign ; Zhan Qinglian, the deputy director of Changhai County PHCCO, read out the division of Changhai County Patriotic Health Campaign Committee and Qu Xuebin made an important speech.


Qu Xuebin emphasized that each town and department should further raise awareness of the importance of Patriotic Health Campaign, inherit and carry forward fine tradition of PHC, adapt to new conditions and new tasks, continue to enrich the connotation of work, improve the working mechanism, come up with new work methods in combination with new situation, strengthen the new period Patriotic Health Campaign with the spirit of reform and creation:


  1. Go deep into knowledge of the significance of new period Patriotic Health Campaign.
  2. Scrutinize our condition of PHC seriously.
  3. Work hard to build a beautiful, civilized and habitual homeland.