A Joint Inspection for Ban of Turn-Round Fishing Vessels in Cross-Border Fishing and Production Safety in Shandong Province


In accordance with the plan for work of county government, a joint inspection team led by Changhai County Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs, accompanied with Changhai Ocean and Fisheries Administration, Changhai national security department and Changhai border went to Shidao in Shandong Province to further check the implementation of production safety and the ban for cross-border fishing carried out by turn-round fishing vessels from May 6th to 8th .



During their stay on Shidao, the security team boarded and examined more than 280 boats registered in Changhai District from several fishing docks, delivering more than 2,000 propaganda brochures emphasizing the laws about cross-border fishing as well as working safety. The security team also set up meetings with 50 ship owners, captains and their relatives. During the meeting, the officials of the border defense squad talked about the potential serious results and social harm that can be caused by cross-border fishing, demanding the fishermen to retain from it and maintain the image of China and overall diplomatic situation while protecting their own legal rights at the same time. Some officials from the supervision department of Changhai District explained to the fishermen the current situation of production and some related safety rules, thereby urging them to prioritize safety and self-discipline while working. Actions like working in teams, keeping communications and not working beyond proper wind scale or permitted sea area are also advocated. At last, leaders of Changhai County Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs as well as Ocean and Fisheries Administration respectively emphasize the importance of stopping cross-border fishing and the significance of abiding by law for safety production. They asked fisherman to focus on the nation along with individual life and proper safety, comply with national laws and regulations, and resolutely produce by law against overstepping boundaries.



After the inspection, shipowners of turn-round fishing vessels have had full knowledge of the danger of cross-border fishing as well as the significance of safety production. They claim that they will resolutely follow the requirements of policy, and engage in safe fishing by the law, border and order.