Reinforced Security Control of Aquatic Products by Ocean and Fisheries Administration of Changhai County


Since 2015, Ocean and Fisheries Administration of Changhai County, placing great emphasis on quality and safety of aquatic products, has carried out a series of activities to reinforce security control.


Notification of 2015 about the Printing and Distributing of Specific Rectification Work on Safety Problems in Changhai County was issued on March 31. Marine Fishery Bureau set up a rectification leading group with Deputy Director Liu Chengde as group leader, chief executives of villages and towns as deputy leaders, and chief of Breeding and Processing Section, director of Fishery Administration Institude, head of Technology Promotion Station and assistant of aquatic products as members and with its office located in Breeding and Processing Section.


In early April, Ocean and Fisheries Administration decided on the objects of casual inspection in 2015: chloramphenicol, nitro furan metabolites, Escherichia coli, inorganic arsenic, methyl mercury, cadmium, etc.


On April 16, Marine Fishery Bureau initiated an aquatic product security training course which mainly appealed to 71 principals of breeding and proceeding companies and over which more than 200 copies of brochures were distributed.


According to an inspection of breeding plants and aquatic proceeding companies in Changhai County by Ocean and Fisheries Administration, medication administration records, sales records and production records of inspected companies were full and accurate, and no illicit drugs were found. The conclusion of Letter of Commitment to Quality and Safety of Aquatic Products ensured quality and safety of aquatic products from fountain.


Quality and safety of aquatic product makes up an essential part of the development of Changhai County’s economy as well as people’s health and benefits. It not only steadily impels the process of work but also lays foundation for Changhai County’s bi-construction mission to reinforce security control of aquatic products.