Conference on Flood Control and Drought Relief Convoked in Zhuanghe District


On the afternoon of May 19, conference on flood control and drought relief was convoked in Room 600, Government of Zhuanghe District. The conference saw an analysis of Zhuanghe’s flood and drought situation this year, an arrangement and deployment for flood control and drought relief, a mobilization of the carrying out of flood control and drought relief with regimented thought, strengthened measures, swift action and with chariness and responsibility. Vice Mayor Yu Decai, leaders of military office and garrison troops, members of headquarter of flood control and drought relief, and leaders of villages and towns in Zhuanghe attended the conference.


Security of reservoirs, medium and small rivers over flood seasons and defense against mountain torrents and typhoons make up the general object of flood control and drought relief in Zhuanghe this year. The government shall plan as a whole for drought relief in rural and urban areas to avoid failed dams, burst dykes and submerged city streets in the event of standard floods, carry out emergency measures and scientific regulations to ensure people’s life safety forextraordinary flood, and make every effort to ensure domestic water safety in urban and rural areas, to meet the demand of production and ecological water use and to reduce the damage to a minimum.


On the conference, Yu Decai pointed out that flood control and drought relief is a glorious assignment for both politics and people’s livelihood. He laid great emphasis on a clear analysis to get rid of fluke mind with thought against serious floods and droughts, stressing key points on preparations specific jobs against floods and droughts for security of water use over flood seasons as well as strict discipline and liability investigation.


Members of flood control and drought relief headquarters submitted their liability statements on the conference.