Zhuanghe City Starts the Project of “Play Going to the Countryside” in 2015


On the afternoon of May 25th, the project of “Play Going to the Countryside” starts in Chengshan Town in Zhuanghe City. The actors from Dalian Song And Dance Ensemble, Dalian Acrobatic Troupe and Zhuange Cultural Center presented a wonderful performance for the local people with 5 cultural compounds from villages and towns.


The project of “Play Going to the Countryside”, which was held by Dalian’s and Zhuanghe’s Article Wide Bureau, and organized by Zhuange Cultural Center, began in the countryside for the purpose of enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the rural people. This project shows the government’s care and kind and also benefits the harmony construction for socialist new countryside culture building. In the afternoon, the troupe firstly came to a nursing home and staged a brilliant art performance. In the evening, the actors showed 16 programs and won waves of applause. According to the leaders from the Cultural Center, this project will give 100 performances which cover many villages, communities, schools and nursing homes, etc. Before July 1st, the troupe will also come to other 24 towns and give 48 shows.