The National Industrial Counties (Cities) Rankings of Zhuanghe City in 2014 Came Out



Recently, the Ministry of Industryand Information Technology Department, China Academy of Information Communication and Posts and Telecom Press jointly released the report of China's Industrial Development of 2015. In the report, sponsors, for the first time, released the National Industrial Counties (Cities) Rankings of 2014, amid Zhuanghe Cityin 18th.


The rankings reveals that, in the context of “Made in China 2025”, there is guiding significance in the development of industrial manufacturing of national advanced cities and towns.


Based on the three elements of basic conditions, operationalperformance and development vitality, and 14 specific indicators in the evaluation system of development of county industrial economy, the National Industrial Counties (Cities) Rankings of 2014 can be assured. And based on the statistical data of The country's 1719 counties (cities), the Composite Index of Industrial Economic Development Level is measured, which shows that the cities, in the top 100, are mainly in the east, distributed in 19 provinces. Amid, there are 7 counties or cities in the rankings,Wafangdian City in the 9th, Zhuanghe City in the 18th, Sea City in the 22th, Pulandian in the 26th, Big Stone Bridge City in the 64th, Xinmin City in the 65th and Kaiyuan City in the 91 th.